FAQ Phang Nga

Welcome to Thaweesuk – the heritage of Phang Nga town.

This house is the first cement building in Phang Nga old town. It was built over one hundred years ago with Sino-European architecture and once was the biggest grocery store in town during the tin mining boom.  The back of the house has been hotel for almost 70 years. It was left unmaintained for a long while until 5 years ago, we – the third generation of the family – decided to renovate entire property. We want to preserve its elegance, reveal the legacy of the old days, and let visitors experience the genuine Phang Nga heritage and hospitalities.  We know you have many questions, let see how we can make your stay as memorable as possible.

Q     Bay tour?
A     You’ve come to the right place. This is the nearest town to the pier for Phang Nga Bay tour. The tour can be enjoyed all year round, no big waves in the bay. Grab a brochure at our check-in counter to see the details and you can also book here.

Q     What to do and see?
A     Apart from the famous bay tour, there are many interesting places to visit. The town lies among the long stretch of lime stone mountains – naturally, there are many waterfalls and caves around the town.
ü Phung Chang Cave or the elephant belly cave: 3.9 km to the South of the hotel.
ü Tapan Cave – heaven and hell temple: 1.7 km to the South of the hotel.
ü Srinakarindra Park: 4 km to the South of the hotel.
ü Sum Cave – or Rock Art cave with ancient wall painting: 1.5 km to the back of the hotel.  
ü City Pillar: 650 m. to the North of the hotel.
ü Wat Sarapimuk – national ancient monument: 950 m. to the North of the hotel.
ü Manorah Waterfall: 10 km to the North of the hotel.
ü Ma Jor Poh temple – Chinese goddess of the sea and trade shrine: 210 m. at the back of the hotel.
The iconic Elephant Mountain

City Pillar Shrine
Sarapimuk Temple. A historical site
Sarapimuk Temple

Ma Jor Poh Chinese Shrine

Rest area along the bicycle track around the city

Tapan Temple Cave

Q     What to eat?
A     Breakfast: Thaweesuk homemade bread, morning fresh market, old style cafe opposite the hotel. 
Thaweesuk homemade bread

A     Lunch: 
ü Noodle soup shop: homemade noodle 60 years+ recipe: 200 m walk to the right of Thaweesuk
ü  Duang Restaurant :200 m walk to the left of Thaweesuk and cross the road, next to Bangkok Bank
ü Rice Noodle with curry (hot &spicy): in front of Ma Jor Poh Chinese shrine
ü Satay – pork and shrimp 
A     Dinner:
ü Street food: in front of the market
ü Duang Restaurant
ü Pitak Restaurant – authentic Southern food:  2 km. to the South
ü Krua Ban Nok – authentic Southern food with live band: 1.5 km. to the South
local delicacy 

Q      Where to hang out at night?
A     Balcony Hill, Er-goo café and bar, Krua Ban Nok, Thaweesuk rooftop
Thaweesuk rooftop

Q     How to get around?
A     Rent a motorbike or scooter:  250 Baht/day
A     Rent a bicycle:  100 Baht/day
A     Walk
A     Buses from the stop at the fresh market
Q     How to get to the bus station?
A     Grab a motorbike taxi or shuttle bus from the front of fresh market.


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