Sunrise at the Bay Program by Thaweesuk

Sunrise at the Bay

Been reading bad reviews about crowded James Bond Island? Yet, many have praised its unmatched beauty. We have a solution for that! 

The richness of the mangrove forest in the bay.

Taking the advantage of locating nearest to the bay, Thaweesuk is proud to present you with our unique “Sunrise at the Bay” program.

When we say unique, of course, we’ll do it in style. All you must do is to get up a little bit early (I know it’s your holiday but trust me you’ll love it). Let’s say we’ll leave the hotel at 7.00 am and got on a boat at a fisherman village (not the big commercial pier) where the boatman will wind you down the mangrove forest – perhaps the largest and richest part of mangrove forest in Thailand. The boat will then take you to the famous James Bond Island before other tourists. Cruising our way back, we’ll make a stop at Panyi Village – the Muslim floating village. You’ll get to see many amazing rock formations setting the scene for the famous James Bond “the Man with the Golden Gun” movie.

Lod cave or the cave in the bay that the boat can sail through.

Sunrise in the Bay

Who else can enjoy swimming alone in at this famous rock?

So peaceful in every angle

Panyi Island or Muslim floating village

Floating soccer field at Panyi Island

Upon your return to the hotel a special brunch / lunch is awaiting. When dining in the 100+ years old Sino-European house, nothing beats the authentic Peranakan food. You will simply devour unique recipe of Phang Nga and the Andaman coast of Thailand – a blend of Thai-Chinese-Malay. What a perfect way to complete the bay tour.


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